Light and Motion Stella 300 in a class of its own

Written by Jennifer Rinderle
Created Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2010 10:50

Night riding used to be one of my least favorite parts of Adventure Racing – that was until I made the leap when I joined DART in 2010 to get an incredibly bright light to illuminate my path. I never realized what a difference it makes to have a light that burns bright and lasts all night, not to mention the amazing sharp beam pattern.

The Light and Motion Stella 300 is by far one of the brightest multi-sport lights for nighttime racing. Not only is it bright, but having three brightness settings – Low, Medium and High – is a key feature allowing me to control how long the light will burn. I’ve raced with it burning on Medium and had the light last all night. The Stella 300 is also killer since it has different mounts to be worn as a headlamp with a headstrap or on your bike helmet with the helmet mount (you can also put it on your handlebar). Having this flexibility means only having to take one light for all Adventure Racing disciplines and just packing an extra battery in the transition area.

I can honestly say my other headlamps in my collection will now be use for the occasional camping trip. Friends often ask me what piece of gear I would not leave home without and I tell them the Light and Motion Stella 300 is a critical piece of gear I must have for adventure races! When I'm out mountain biking at night, the Stella 300 works incredibly well but if you're one of those who loves a lot of brightness in a clean and sharp beam pattern, consider riding with the Stella 300 on your helmet and the "car light" Seca 1400 (that's an incredible 1400 lumens) on your handlebars. Darkness ... what's that?