Teko socks keep my feet happy

Written by Jennifer Rinderle
Created Date: Tuesday, 19 October 2010 11:25

Having been involved in adventure racing for several years, I know how important it is to keep your feet cared for during races. Almost every race I’ve done in 2010 has either involved wet, sloppy conditions or dry desert-like conditions with fine grained sand that can surely lead to blisters.

I’m so happy to report that after switching to TEKO socks, my feet have been virtually blister and trouble free! The nice blend of merino wool in the TEKO socks wicks away moisture and keeps my feet warmer, even when they are wet. The race season for me began with the North Georgia Adventure race where it rained pretty constantly for the 24 hours of racing. It meant that our feet were never dry! However, even after an all night bike leg and a monster trek with lots of elevation and off-camber running, my feet were still in good shape. I attribute that to great socks that are designed for the elements we encountered.

What also amazed me was how the socks performed in the heat. When I raced in the summer in Southern California, it got oven hot but my TEKO socks kept my feet breathing well and comfortable. Wool used to be thought off as a cold weather option. Those days are long gone.
TEKO socks are now my go to choice when I hit the trail for running or biking,