Rudy Project Sunglasses Last

Written by Aaron Rinn
Created Date: Saturday, 23 October 2010 15:39

I have used a pair of Suncreeks almost every day for two years, and they still shine like new.

DART has been racing with Rudy Project technical sunglasses and helmets since 2005. When we were offered a pair of sunglasses for everyday, I chose the Suncreeks. I didn't use them for sports related use until they were the only pair in my car on an unexpectedly sunny afternoon. I wore them for a trail run, and they were solid! The Suncreeks have since become my glasses of choice for riding and flying. They are my windshields for everything from wet seattle road rides to dusty summer mountain bike rides. They also protect my eyes from the sun and dust encountered during a long day of hang gliding.

Their key features are large coverage, low transmission of sunlight, polarized scratch resistant lenses, and good looks! When they get sweaty or muddy, I gently rinse them with warm water. I let them drip dry and then wipe them with their soft storage bag. I can say without a doubt that the Rudy Project Suncreeks are the best sunglasses I have ever owned.