Vasque Blur SL taken on a wild adventure

Written by Matt Hayes

Traction? Check. Rock protection? Check. Good drainage, durable, lightweight? Check, check, and check. Vasque Blur SLs have become my favorite trail running shoes for all around adventures. They have a good fit – snug in the heal and arch with a roomy toe box and a fairly flat foot bed. They have good cushioning but feel stable on loose terrain and have a low center of gravity. During the 4 day non-stop Desert Winds Expedition race, the Blur SLs were awesome while climbing and scrambling up and down slot canyons and boulder fields. 30+ hour treks, miles and miles of sharp rocks, cacti, and brush, and the Blur SLs were unfazed. Even though we were racing in the desert, we were in and out of the water multiple times. The shoes drained and dried quickly and didn’t loosen when wet.

The Blur SLs are sturdy and durable – after many training miles and the Desert Winds race, the uppers are in good shape and just a bit of sole wear is noticeable. A good thick toe bumper protects your toes and prevents blowouts. The mesh sides are breathable, but don’t catch on brush or get shredded by rocks.

If you are looking for a good all around shoe for trail running and adventure racing the Vasque Blur SL is it.