The Most Versatile Light in my Arsenal

Written by Cyril Jay-Rayon
Created Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2013 14:19

As an ultra-distance athlete and adventurer, I spend a lot of time outdoors at night so having a good light is paramount. I've tried many over the years and, regrettably, have broken many, leaving me stranded in the dark. But, my luck changed when I discovered Light & Motion a few years back. They take light design and construction seriously. They are committed to designing and assembling lights in-house and the innovation and quality shows in the end product. Having their roots in underwater lights for professional photographers, they immediately brought to the market quality never seen before. I've been fortunate to be supported by them for the last few years and, during that time, I've seen them innovate constantly with better and better lights that pushed the LED, battery, and overall light technologies forward. We’ve seen a revolution that has changed what we can all do at night. What used to require heavy and lower quality light systems, can now fit in the palm of your hands with far better quality, reliability, light beam, and power.

It’s comes as no surprise then that Light & Motion's new lineup keeps pushing boundaries from their high visibility commuter line to their high power performance Seca line. One of their new lights that excites me the most is the Solite 250EX. It's simply the most versatile light they've ever made so it follows me on all my adventures.

To give you an idea, here's what I’ve used it for so far:

  • Commuting: It comes with a bike mount that easily attaches to the bike's stem and the side lights provide important side visibility. 
  • Paddling at night: I use it with the headstrap so it fits comfortably on my head or over a hat. I really like the compact design that is lightweight and keeps both light and battery on your head for ease of movement.
  • Hiking at night: I use it both on my head with the headstrap or in my hand as a flashlight (the light head attaches to the battery and converts it into a handheld flashlight). Since the head pivots 90 degrees to the battery, I've even attached it to the front shoulder straps of my backpack (army style) for another hands free option.
  • Mountain biking: It comes with a convenient helmet mount and find that it works well for most night rides I do. If I start my ride during the day but there is a change that I'll ride into the night, I'll through it in my backpack or jersey pocket to be save. For racing or fast hard training rides the combo of a Stella 500 on the helmet and a Seca 2000 Race or Seca 2000 Enduro on my handlebar is still my go to set-up.
  • Camping and around the house: One of the most convenient uses for the Solite EX250 is while camping or around the house. As I mentioned above, you can use it as a flashlight or on your head with a headstrap. You can even use it free standing, lantern style.

Suffice to say that I find the Solite 250 EX the most versatile light I've ever owned and it's perfect for most applications. Of course, it's not only versatile, it's durable (I've dropped it too many times), reliable, and packs a punch for its size and weight. On high, the 250 lumen beam lasts 4 hours with the option of adjusting to a medium, low, or camp/read setting (150hrs). Plus, in case of emergency, its SOS mode lasts 100 hrs (hopefully a mode you never have to use!). It's also waterproof and Micro USB Rechargeable which means you can recharge it on your computer, your phone charger, or even a solar charging system.

If I could take only one light with me on my next adventure, it would be hands down the Solite 250EX. If you're look for a light that can do it all, look no further!