Tropical is my Go-to-Flavor

Written by Ryan Ognibene
Created Date: Wednesday, 13 November 2013 09:35

Racing in the heat, I have a hard time getting as much fluid down as my body needs. This can be a huge issue after 3 days of racing. I have found that Nuun is the solution to my problem. With its light, suttle taste, Nuun really helps by not only supplying me with needed fluids, but also electrolytes that keep me going.
Tropical is my go-to flavor because it not only smells amazing but also goes down with ease, which is crucial during races.   An added benefit, as any hiker or adventurer knows, is that iodine is necessary to treat water as you travel in the back country.  Iodine definitely doesn't have the best taste, so I use Nuun to mask this taste. It is a "must" when I use iodine.  Not only does Nuun help with electrolyte replacement but it also helps with getting fluids into my system so I never have to slow down racing.