Arc'teryx Tau AR

Written by Ryan Van Gorder
Created Date: Monday, 13 October 2008 18:18
Last Updated: Monday, 13 October 2008 18:40

We were starting the race at midnight in the central rocky mountains of Canada. The tempurature was approximately 40 degrees. The race was to start with a 3 mile lake coasteering which would include running and swimming a lakeshore. There would be no avoiding the cold water as some shoreline was impassible due to steep cliffs. I was concerned that without the proper clothing hypothermia would set in. In a race like this, we don't carry extra dry clothes and we don't stop to change. And we wouldn't hit our first transition until mid morning. That meant we would be traveling through the night off trail in thick forest.

I chose to wear the Tau AR because of its ability to stretch while swimming and its breathability which would allow it to dry quickly and provide warmth into the night after we left the shoreline.
The shirt was unnoticable while swimming. No binding and complete freedom of movement. Once we were off the lake, the shirt dried quickly and maintained my body tempurature throughout the night. Finally, through heavy bushwacking, its form fitting design allowed me to get through the thickest underbrush without getting hung up.

Although it is not designed as a swimming layer, the Tau AR showed its ability to release moisture and dry quickly, which it was designed to do. It can be purchased for about $175.