Teko Socks and Sole Footbeds

Written by Jen Segger
Created Date: Tuesday, 20 January 2009 00:00
Last Updated: Friday, 23 January 2009 15:29

It finally happened– I finished a 3 day expedition adventure race and walked off the course BLISTER FREE!! I owe my feet happiness to the well designed products of Teko Socks and Sole foot beds. The two of these together are a winning combination.

Teko Socks – Made from Ecomerino wool, these socks pull moisture from the feet and in turn, greatly reduce the change of blisters and chaffing. They are very breathable and soft to put on. The wool stands up after multiple washes and can take the abuse of mud, sand, dirt and water. I highly recommend these as a must for any outdoor enthusiast. Oh ya, and they dry really quick – another key feature for blister prevention.

Sole Footbeds – Because these footbeds are heat moldable, they fit your foot properly. Having the extra bit of cushion in your shoe is critical for races and training days where you will be putting miles in on your feet. These foot beds helped me to overcome my chronic pain of plantar fasciitis. Take care of your feet now so the future becomes foot friendly!