Ergon Grips are amazing

Written by Jen Segger
Created Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2009 12:07

Ergon gripsI’ve come to realize that no-one should ever attempt another expedition race, or any substantial amount of time on the bike for that matter, without the use of Ergon Grips.

These handlebar grips have been “ergonomically” designed to take the pressure off your hands and palms when riding. No more tingly fingers and a much more relaxed grip. I have come to truly appreciate how great these grips are after spending countless hours for multiple days on the bike during some of our lengthy expedition races. Combine hours in the saddle with a heavy backpack and you have a recipe for hands that can barely hold on.

I’ve been using the Ergon grips for several years now and I can’t imagine another race or ride without them. I have fallen in love with the barend version as they allow for different hand positions on the bike and easy out of the saddle power climbing. Ergon makes a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate all types of riders. My favorites are thee GX2 Carbons.

So, say no more. Using Ergon grips are a sure way to stay comfortably connected to your bike!