Turner Flux DW-Link Review

Written by Ryan Van Gorder
Created Date: Friday, 01 January 2010 00:00

Turner Flux DW-Link Review

Turner Flux DW-Link Bike Set Up: Manitou fork, Hayes Trail disc brakes, Full Speed Ahead wheels, seat post, stem, and cranks, and Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires.

Strengths: Steering stiffness and tracking, pedaling efficiency.

Weakness: None

The Flux is an awesome bike that has good climbing traction with no pedal bob and awesome handling on the downhill. My first race on the flux was a 24 hour mountain bike race that had smooth, fast dirt road and two-track linked by rough cow trails with 4" deep mud ruts. The suspension was great for hammering though the rough trail sections at full speed and pedaled efficiently while standing up on the road climbs. After a season of adventure races and 100 mile, 24 hour, and cross country mountain bike races the Flux has held up well. The workmanship of the frame is awesome with tight tolerances, smooth welds, and good alignment. One example of the small details is grease zerks on all the suspension joints that lube the bushings without disassembling the joints. This is important with the wet conditions of pacific northwest adventure racing and keeps everything moving smoothly and quietly. The frame is also very stiff, handles great, and goes where it is pointed.