Vasque Mindbender in action

Written by Cyril Jay-Rayon
Created Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2010 16:24

This year's Vasque trail running shoe line is quite impressive with the addition of such great shoes as the Transitor FS and Mindbender shoes. So, when I got mine in the mail, I was stoked to give them a long workout. I've used the Mindbender exclusively for the last 2 months through tough training sessions like running in the Grand Canyon and winning the Checkpoint Tracker National Series 24 hour adventure race in San Luis Obispo put on by All Out Events.

I've taken the Mindbender through all types of terrain from rocky and steep to wet and muddy. Throughout, I've been impressed by how they kept my feet well protected and comfortable. They drain well when crossing rivers and are very breathable. At 11.5 oz, they are light considering the solid protection they provide. Manufacturers always need to play a delicate balancing act between comfort/protection and weight and I think Vasque has succeeded with the Mindbender. Throughout my 2 months of long and hard abuse, my feet never got beaten up to the point where I needed to slow down. That's key for me.

One of the ways Vasque achieves this level of comfort is by using their Perpetuun Last technology. Essentially, the shoe is designed to soak up the miles and take you through ultrarunning events. It certainly did for me.

Another  feature I truly appreciated was the wide toe box while still providing an excellent snug fit at the heal and mid foot so I wasn't floating in the shoe. That's crucial for me since, in adventure racing, you bang your shoes alot since you're not always on a nice clean trail. Finishing a race with happy toes is a great feeling. Finally, I won't be lossing toenails this year!

Writing about the Mindbender is making my antsy to go for a run so I'll leave it at that. If you want a shoe that lasts and soaks up the miles while delivering on performance and protection (especially the toes) then let the Mindbenders take you for a run.

Time to go for a sunset trail run in my backyard, the Santa Monica Mountains ...