Epic’s Mid-Wing Full Carbon 4 piece paddle

Written by Mari Chandler
Created Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2010 15:43

Epic’s Mid-Wing Full Carbon 4 piece paddle is the ultimate lightweight kayak paddle for adventure racing. Long hours of paddling are far more enjoyable and faster! The carbon construction not only makes the paddle a mere 24 oz, but also strong enough to take on both flat water and a bit of white water. My favorite feature is the new “Length Lock 2” system for connecting the 2 halves together. It is easy to adjust both the feather and length with a simple flip of a lever and there are no loose parts or pieces to worry about in transition. This new design replaces the old length lock system which used a plastic twist collar.

The option to disassemble the paddle into 4 pieces is a luxury when it comes to airline travel and even during the race itself. At a recent 24 hour race in Kentucky, we were told we could either use the race provided heavy plastic paddles or use our own. If we were to use our own, we had to carry them the entire race as there were no gear drops on this course. No problem!! My teammates and I all had 4 piece carbon epic paddles. The 4 pieces fit easily in our packs and we were able to bike and run without ever noticing that we were carrying our paddles. When we reached the lake, we were quite happy to have our own lightweight paddles for the 4 hour canoe section.