DART Nuun places 1st at Ragnar Relay Ultra Division

Written by Ryan Van Gorder

The team banded together over the weekend of July 27th and 28th at a ski resort in the Sierras to run a Ragnar trail relay. What is a trail relay you ask? As described on the Ragnar website, it’s a gritty trifecta of the most scenic trail loops mother nature can serve up. Each trail loop began and ended at Ragnar Village and the teams ran relay style through three different trail loops one runner at a time. The total running distance was 136 miles and most teams form teams of 8 to run the course, Dart signed up in the Ultra category and had a team of four, so each runner would be running 34 miles.

Mari Chandler, Jennifer VanGorder, Donato Polignone and Ryan VanGorder made up the team of four Dart Nuun runners and each person took their turn chipping away at the trails in their trail shoe of choice, Vasque Velocity 2.0's. The course consisted the Green Loop (3 miles), Yellow Loop (7 miles) and Red Loop (7 miles), that the runners would alternate on.  Each member on an ultra team ran each loop twice.   After completing a loop, the runner would then hand of the bracelet to the next runner in the big festive tent located in the heart of Ragnar village. At night the village had a jumbotron with motivational running movies, camp fires, smore stations, a beer truck, catered dinner, and a hydration station sponsored by Nuun.. it was quite the scene!

Not only was Nuun the hydration sponsor of the event but they also had a fun group of 8 women running on the Nuun Hydration team. Fun to see Megan and the team out there and great job girls. Thanks for keeping us hydrated in the heat!

After a couple of falls, running through the night (with our Light and Motion Stella300 headstraps) and working some magic the team crossed the finish line together and completed the 136 miles in first place for the Ultra division! Turns out we placed 6th overall in a time of 25 hrs 28 minutes with only five of the eight person teams running faster than us. The Ragnar race delivered a fun filled weekend and was a great way for a group of friends to get after it on the trails.