Ryan Ognibene

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  Team role: Navigator & Macgyver
  Profession: Mechanical Engineer
  Currently resides: Boulder, CO
  Hometown: Tustin, CA
  Year joined DART: 2013

Ryan joined DART Adventure Racing in 2013 after finishing up his schooling.  He fell in love with the outdoors at an early age and loves competing. Ryan slowly progressed into the sport original going on camping trips in Boy Scouts and mt biking in middle school. In High school Ryan also picked up off road triathlons and cross country running which he slowly got bored with and need more of an adventure. He started racing in AR races in 2005 at the age of 18. Now a day’s he works for a software company in Boulder, CO where he is always looking forward to the next event so he can push his limits even further.

Favorite Gear

Favorite Drink: Kona Cola nuun
Favorite shoes: Vasque Velocity GTX
Favorite bike: Turner Flux
Favorite wheels & tires: Schwalbe Racing Ralph
Favorite sunglasses: Rudy Project Hypermask
Favorite cycling garment: Ibex 3/4 knickers
Favorite foul weather shell: Arc’Teryx Beta SL
Favorite socks: Teko EcoMerino Wool MiniCrew
Favorite backpack: Gregory Miwok
Favorite bikelight: Light and Motion Stella 300
Favorite sunscreen: KINeSYS Performance Moisturizer SPF 30
Favorite Kayaking gear: Epic Mid Wing full carbon stiff shaft paddle 4piece
Favorite training and racing aid: Suunto Core Watch

Behind The Scene

Favorite race: 2011 Big Mt AR Golden Gate State Park.  Epic single track!!
Best race moment: Starting the Race. All the prep is done now it is time to have fun.
Worst race moment: Dealing with Poison Oak for 2 weeks after a race.
Favorite food: Other peoples food
Why I race:  I love to get out and feel like an explorer
Race advice: Practice transitions and be prepared leading into the race.
Vice in life: Being late
What do I do with my free time?: Playing outside.
My team mates think that: They are older then my parents.

Race Results

  • 2nd: Dawn to Dusk 12hr - Santa Barbara, CA
  • 7th: Untamed NE 5day - Maine
  • 2nd: The Genesis AR 4hrs - Colorado Springs, CO
  • 1st: Buena Vista 12hr - Buena Vista, CO
  • 14th: Vision Quest MTB Race - Lake Forest, CA
  • 1st: Pikes Peak Adventure Race
  • 3rd: Cowboay Tough Expedition Adventure Race
  • 1st: Michigan Adventure Rage Expedition Race
  • 24th overall: Vision Quest Mnt.Bike Race
  • 1st: 3P Salida Race
  • 3rd: BarBRAWL
  • 1st: BarBRAWL
  • 1st: Land Between the Lakes
  • 3rd: Equinox Traverse Adventure Race
  • 3rd: Gold Rush Motherloade AR
  • 1st: Big MT Adventure Race

  • 1st: Over The Edge Sprint Adventure Racel
  • 1st: Glenwood Springs 12hr Adventure Race
  • 1st: Buena Vista 12hr Adventure Race
  • 1st: Rampart Rage 12hr Adventure Race
  • 1st: Rock2Rock 6hr Adventure Race
  • 3rd: Summit County 12hr Adventure Race
  • 3rd: Glenwood Springs 12hr Adventure Race

  • 1st: Summit County 12hr Adventure Race

  • 5th: Moab 12hr Adventure Race
  • 1st: Vail 12hr Adventure Race

  • 1st: Scout Adventure Challenge 12hr Adventure Race
  • Baja Adventure Race (5-day)

  • 1st age group: Southridge Winter Series XC Mnt Bike Race
  • 1st age group: Nissa Xterra USA Championship Triathlon
  • 1st: Scout Adventure Challenge 12hr Adventure Race
  • 4th: 24hr of OC Mnt bike Race
  • 1st age group: Nissan Xterra West Championship Triathlon

  • 1st age group: Nissan Xterra West Championship Triathlon

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