Glenn Rogers


  Team role: Navigator/Motivator
  Profession: Full Time Father
  Currently resides: Gig Harbor, WA
  Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
  Year joined DART: 2005

Glenn(age 43) moved back to his home state Washington in 2001 after having spent eleven years working on Wall Street in New York City. Glenn has a great appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. He believes he is very fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, where there is an abundance of outdoor sports, and spends his free time training. Glenn feels adventure racing has helped him find and even surpass personal limits and that true potential is found only at the extreme of physical and mental endurance. Glenn is very active in his community: he volunteers at his childrens’school, served as the president of the PTA, is a master gardener, served on the advisory board of the local nature center, and is active in his church. He lives in Gig Harbor with his wife and five children.

Favorite Gear

Favorite Drink: Tri Berry nuun
Favorite shoes: Vasque Mindbender with Sole’s regular Softec insoles
Favorite bike: Turner Flux
Favorite bike component: FSA K-Force Light crankset, Hayes Stroker trail hydraulic brakes, Ergon grips and Crank Brother’s Eater Beaters Four Ti pedals
Favorite wheels & tires: FSA XC-300 SL and Schwalbe Racing Ralph
Favorite bike suspension: Manitou R7 MRD Absolute 100
Favorite sunglasses: Rudy Project Rydon II
Favorite cycling garment: Ibex Arrivee bib shorts
Favorite foul weather shell: Arc’Teryx Alpha LT Proshell
Favorite socks: Teko EcoMerino Wool MiniCrew
Favorite backpack: Gregory Miwok with Hydrapak bladder
Favorite bikelight: Light and Motion Stella 300
Favorite sunscreen: KINeSYS Performance Moisturizer SPF 15
Favorite Kayaking gear: Epic Mid Wing full carbon stiff shaft paddle
Favorite training and racing aid: Suunto T6c wristcomputer

Behind The Scene

Favorite race:
Best race moment: 2005 Appalachian Extreme when we were told by a volunteer that we should quit because RVG's crank arm was broken.  Nothing like being told you can't when you need some motivation
Worst race moment: Watching our kayak sink with us in it in the middle of the Pacific with 20 foot seas and no safe place to land.
Favorite food: Mexican
Why I race: to see great places and spend time with great people
Race advice: No matter how bad you think you screwed up, the other team has probably just made a worse mistake.
Vice in life: Food
Greatest challenge:  Keeping balance in my life
What do I do with my free time?: Change diapers
My team mates think that: My singing really sucks and I should learn some new songs.

Race Results

Adventure Racing

  • 1st Place MIX Expedition
  • 1st Place NorCal AR
  • 7th Place USARA National Championships

  • Cascade Orienteering Winter O series 4th Overall
  • High Cascades 100 mtn bike race - Finisher

Adventure Racing

  • 1st Place USARA National Adventure Racing Championship
  • 1st Place Checkpoint Tracker National Adventure Racing Series
  • 1st Place Upstate Adventure Race
  • 1st place Adventure Extreme Moab Expedition
  • 1st place Blue Blue Kit Carson 24 hour race
  • 1st place Gorge Games 24 hour race
  • 1st place: Desert Winds 24 hour race
  • 1st place: World Championship Qualifier - Baja Travesia expedtion race
  • 13th Place Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

  • US Rogaine Champion

 Adventure Racing
  • 3rd place USARA National Championship
  • 1st place Tahoe Big Blue 12 hour race
  • 1st place Big Blue Kit Carson
  • 2nd place Big Blue Oakridge
  • 2nd place Desert Winds
  • 2nd place Sea Otter Classic
  • 1st place 4th Dimension Winter AR  
  • 3rd place Bridal Trails 50k
  • 4th place Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 55k
  • Plain 100 finisher
  • Winter O’ Series 3rd Place
 Adventure Racing
  • 1st Place Wicked Adventure Racing Series
  • 3rd place Wicked 24 hour Adventure race
  • 2nd place Raid the North 36 hour Adventure Race
  • 1st place Wicked Urban Adventure Race
  •  4th place Mighty Mo Adventure Race
  • 1st place Lord Hills 55k  5:20
  • 3rd place Bridal Trails 50k  4:44
  • Chuckunut 50k  
  • 2nd AG Solstice Xterra
  • 1st AG Vashon Island Off-Road Triathlon
  • 1st AG Moonlight Basin Xterra(PNW Regional Off-Road Championship) 
  • Pacific Crest half Ironman  2nd age Group/Masters
  • TRI NW Long Course Masters Triathlon Champion
  •  US Rogaine Champion
  • 1st place Winter O’ Series Championships
Adventure Racing
  • 1st place 2005 Pacific Northwest Adventure Racing Championship
  • 1st place 2005 Wicked Adventure Racing Series
  • 1st place 2005 Explore California Adventure Racing Series
  • 1st place Wicked Ocean Adventure race
  • 2nd place Trioba 24hr Adventure Race
  • 3rd place Raid the North 36 hour Adventure Race
  • 2nd place Explore California Adventure Race
  • 1st place Wicked Urban Adventure Race
  • 2nd place Appalachian Extreme
  • 1st place Trioba Sprint adventure Race
  • 1st placeBEAST Sprint Races
  • 1st placeInaugural Winteroba
  • 5th placeLord Hills 55k  5:38
  • 5th place Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 55k  5:48
  • Bridal Trails 50k  4:21
  • Tiger Mtn Fat Ass 25K  2:25
  • 4th AG Solstice Xterra
  • 5th AG Moonlight Basin Xterra
  • 4th AG Lake Sonoma Xterra
  • 9th AG Pacific Crest half Ironman
Adventure Racing
  • Ranked 10th best team in North America by Adventure Sport Magazine Oct 2004
  • 3rd place Northwest Series Championship
  • 3rd place Trioba 24hr Team Follow the Bleeder
  • 11th place Subaru Primal Quest
  • 3rd place (unranked) Trioba 24hr Team Follow the Bleeder
  • 6th placeTrioba 24hr Team Follow the Bleeder
  • X-adventure Raid Series, Bend Oregon, Team Washington Adventure Racing
  • White River 50m Finished 9:02
  • Chuckanut 50k Finisher 5:12
  • Lord Hills 50k
  • Capital Peak Mega Fat Ass 50k
  • Bridal Trails 50k
  • Tiger Mtn Fat Ass 25K  
  • Pacific Crest ½ Ironman Finisher 5:29
  • 4th AG Vashon Island Off-Road Triathlon(PNW Regional Off-Road Championship)
Adventure Racing
  • Primal Quest Finisher
  • 3rd place Raid the North, Kimberly Team Washington Adventure Racing
  • 7th place Trioba 24hr Team Warthogs
  • 5th place Trioba 24hr Team Warthogs
  • Chuckanut 50k Finisher
  • Morgan YMCA First Annual Jingle Bell 5k Trail Run Overall Winner 
Other Races
  • Whiskey Dick Triathlon Finisher
  • Pacific Crest ½ Ironman Finisher
Adventure Racing
  • 3rd place Northwest Adventures Edurance Race
  • Wuhoo Adventure Race Finisher
Cascade Orienteering Club
Washington Adventure Racing Club
Backcountry Bicycle Trail Club

Photo Gallery