Jen Segger


  Team role: Strong female/pace setter on foot sections 
  Profession: Coach -
  Currently resides: Squamish, BC
  Hometown: Vancouver Island, BC
  Year joined DART: 2005

With a passion for fitness and adventure, Jen enjoys seeing just exactly to what extent the body and mind can be pushed too.  Naturally when she stumbled across the sport of AR at the ripe old age of 21, she was hooked.  Jen learned quickly that there was a demand for woman in the sport and before she knew it, she was fully immersed and racing 24/7.  She has been fortunate to use her racing to travel the world, meet incredible people and have experiences that will last a lifetime.  In addition to the AR scene, Jen enjoys competing in solo ultra running competitions, choosing events that are the toughest of the tough and that will take her to the harshest of environments.  Badwater and Marathon des Sables are just two of those personal challenges that she has undertaken.  Good friends, great team dynamics and dedicated athletes is what makes racing with Team DART-nuun so rewarding!

Favorite Gear

Favorite Drink: Orange Ginger nuun
Favorite shoe: Vasque Blur SL
Favorite bike: Turner Flux
Favorite bike component: Crank Brother’s Eater Beaters Four Ti pedals
Favorite wheels & tiresStan's Notubes ZTR Crest and Schwalbe Racing Ralph
Favorite bike suspension: Manitou R7 MRD Absolute 100
Favorite sunglasses: Rudy Project Rydon II
Favorite cycling garment: Ibex 3/4 cut knickers
Favorite foul weather shell: Arc’Teryx Alpha LT Proshell
Favorite socks: Teko EcoMerino Wool MiniCrew
Favorite backpack: Gregory Rufus with Hydrapak bladder
Favorite bikelight: Light and Motion Stella 300
Favorite sunscreen: KINeSYS Performance Moisturizer SPF 45
Favorite Kayaking gear
: Epic Mid Wing full carbon stiff shaft paddle
Favorite training and racing aid: Suunto T6c wristcomputer

Behind The Scene

Favorite race: Baja Travesia 2005, 2006, 2008
Best race moment: Crossing finish line in Brazil at World Champs - 5th place!
Worst race moment: RVG's heat stroke at Primal Quest’s 2006 Utah race.
Favorite food: peanut butter & banana sandwich
Why I race: to see exactly what my pain tolerance is
Race advice: shuffle, shuffle, shuffle - it wil get you there a lot quicker than walking will
Vice in life: drinking coffee
Greatest challenge: achieving balance in life
What do I do with my free time?: ride, run & race
My team mates think that: I say "eh" all the time

Race Results

  • 1st (female): Rubble Creek Classic 25km (Whistler, BC)
  • 1st (female): Canadian Waterman's SUP Festival (Comox, BC)
  • 1st (female): Capitol Peaks 55km Ultra (Washington)
  • 2nd (female): 6 day TCC Coastal Challenge ultra (Costa Rica)
  • 1st: (women/3rd overall) Ultraman Canada (Penticton, BC)
  • 4th: (women, overall) Grand Fondo Kelowna - 11km road race (Kelowna, BC)
  • 1st: (women and new course record) Sinister 7 Ultra - 148 km (Alberta, Canada)
  • 1st: (women, 2nd overall) Scorched Sole 50km Trail Run (Kelowna, BC)
  • 1st: (women) Ultimate XC 58km Trail Run (Mount Tremblant, Quebec)
  • 14th: (women - first tri ever!) Oliver 1/2 Ironman (BC, Canada)
  • 1st: (co-ed team) MOMAR Burnaby Adventure Race (Burnaby, BC)
  • 3rd: (women) The North Face 100km Ultra (Australia)


  • 3rd: (women) Tour du Mont Ventoux 44km mountain ultra (France)
  • 1st: (women, 2nd overall) Mosquito Lake 10km (Pemberton, BC)
  • 2nd: (women, 1st age group) 5 Peaks Golden Ears (Maple Ridge, BC)
  • 4th: (women age group, 8th overall female) BMO Vancouver International Marathon (BC)
  • 1st: (women, team of 2) Salty Dog 6hr Enduro MTB (Salmon Arm, BC)
  • 1st: (overall) Rainier to Ruston Rail Trail 50km (Washington, USA)
  • 2nd: (women) Kalamalka Classic SUP 5km sprint (Vernon, BC)
  • 2nd: (women) Kalamalka Classic SUP 10mile Downwinder (Vernon, BC)
  • 2nd: (team of 4) Big Blue 24hr Adventure Race (Calfornia)
  • 2nd: (overall) Gold Rush 24hr Adventure Race (California)
  • DNF: Tour des Geants 330km Ultra (Italy) - medical withdrawl
  • 1st: Desert Winds 400km Adventure Race (Nevada, USA)
  • 13th: World Adventure Racing Championships 720km (Spain)
  • 3rd: North Shore Hallowe's Eve 1/2 Marathon (Vancouver, BC)
  • 2nd: Thetis Lake 20km Relay (team of 2 co-ed) Victoria, BC)
  • 1st: (Overall) Birch Bay Ghost Marathon (Washington) Race Results
  • 1st: (women) Bridle Trails 50km Trail Race (Seattle, WA, USA) - New CRc
  • 2nd: (women) 24hrs of Sunlight Ski Randonne (Glenwood Springs, CO, USA)
  • 5th: (women) ROAM Randonee Ski Race (Nelson, BC)
  • 2nd: (women) Rock & Ice Ultra 6 day (Yellowknife, NWT, Canada)
  • 1st: (co-ed team of 2) 8hrs - 24hrs of Adrenalin MTB race (5th overall) (CA, USA)
  • 2nd: (women) Stand Up Paddleboard 7mile Malibu Downwinder (Malibu, USA)
  • 1st: (women 19-29) Ore Crusher MTB (Squamish, BC) 1st: (solo) 24hrs of Adrenalin MTB (Monterey, CA)
  • 2nd: (women) Kussam Klimb 23km Trail Race (Sayward, BC)
  • 1st: (women) Comfortably Numb 25km Trail Race (Whistler, BC)
  • 1st: (women) Spud Run 10km Trail Run (Pemberton, BC)
  • 1st: (2 female) Intermontane 5 day Staged MTB Race (Kamloops, BC)
  • DONE: Vancouver Island Quest 750km 4 days none-stop (new record)
  • DONE: i2P Baffin Island 9 days of trekking across Canada's Akshayuk Pass
  • 27th: World Championships Portugal AR (Portugal) *oops, didn't go so well.....

  • 6th: Ecomotion/Pro World AR Championship - Piauí, Maranhão, and Ceará Brazil
  • 2nd: (women) YETI 10km Snowshoe Race (Mt.Seymour, BC, Canada)
  • 1st: (women) Orcas Island 50km Ultra (Washington, USA)
  • 2nd: (women) Dirty Duo 50km Trail Race (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • 1st: Baja Travesia 5 Day Expedition AR (Baja. Mexico)
  • 4th women (1st in category): Miwok 100km Ultra (San Francisco, USA)
  • 5th women (9th overall): BADWATER 135 mile Ultra
  • 1st: Mind Over Mountain AR (BC, Canada) (co-ed pairs)
  • DNF - Medical Withdrawl - The Bull of Africa 7 day AR (South Africa)
  • 1st: Mind Over Moutain AR (BC Canada) (4 person co-ed)

  • 1st: (women) Bridle Trails 50km Trail Race (Seattle, WA, USA)
  • 1st: (women) Dirty Duo 50km Trail Race (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • 1st: Baja Travesia 5 Day Expedition AR (Baja. Mexico)
  • 2nd: Sea Otter Classic Sprint AR (Monterey, CA)
  • 1st: 5 Peaks Trail Race 16km (Golden Ears, BC) (20-29 division)
  • 1st: Edge to Edge 1/2 Marathon (Tofino, BC) (new CR)
  • 1st: Mind Over Mountain Sprint AR (Shawnigan Lake, BC) (co-ed pairs)
  • 1st: Squamish Thunder 16km Trail Race (Squamish, BC)
  • 1st: Mountain Expedition 5 Day AR (Montana, USA)
  • 4th: XPD 7 Day Expedition AR (Whitsunday Islands, Australia)
  • 1st: (women) North Face Endurance Challenge 50miler (Seattle, WA, U
  • 2nd: (women) San Diego 100mile Trail Run (San Diego, CA, USA)

  • 1st: Wild Scallion Urban AR sprint (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • 1st: Adventure X-Stream 24-hour AR (Durango, CO, USA)
  • 1st: Trioba Sprint AR (Ellensberg, WA, USA)
  • 1st: Explore the West 24-hour AR (Bolder City, NV, USA)
  • 1st: Exlpore the West Sprint (Orange County, CA, USA)
  • 1st: EcoLoneStar Sprint AR (Austin, TX, USA)
  • 1st: Loop the Lakes TR (F) (Squamish, BC, Canada)
  • 1st: YETI 5km Snowshoe Race - (Whistler, BC) (overall)
  • 1st: YETI 5km Snowshoe Race - (Mt. Washington, BC) (19-29)
  • 2nd: Adventure X-Stream Expedition AR (Moab, UT, USA)
  • 2nd: Falls Creek Falls AR (Knoxville, TN, USA)
  • 5th: Swamp Stomp 30-hour AR (Tampa, FL, USA)
  • 5th: Sea Otter Classic MTB (Monterey, CA, USA) (25-29)
  • 10th: USARA Sprint Championships (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
  • 14th: Teva Mountain Games AR (Vail, CO, USA)
  • UR: Eco Primal Quest (Moab, UT, USA) - medical withdrawal
  • UR: Ecomotion Pro (Brazil) - medical withdrawl

  • 1st: Baja Travesia Expedition Race - (Baja, MX)
  • 1st: Explore California Championship (CA, USA)
  • 1st: Pacific Northwest Adventure Race Champions
  • 1st: Raid the North 36-hour AR - (Nelson, BC, Canada)
  • 1st: Trioba 12-hour - (Snowqualmie, WA, USA)
  • 2nd: Trioba 24-hour- (Ellensburg, WA, USA
  • 2nd: Appalachian Extreme Expedition - (Bethel, MA, USA)
  • 5th: Ecomotion/Pro Expedition (Brazil)
  • 10th: Marathon Des Sables - (Sahara Desert, Morocco)
  • 21st: X Adventure Raid World Cup 2-day - (Bend, OR, USA)

  • 1st: Sea to Summit 2-day AR (Whistler, BC, Canada)
  • 1st: Rubble Creek 25 km Trail Run (Whistler, BC, Canada
  • 2nd: Test of Metal 69 km MTB race (F 20-29 cat) (Squamish, BC)
  • 2nd: Royal Victoria 1/2 Marathon (20-24) (Victoria, BC, Canada)
  • 3rd: Full Moon in June 36-hr AR (Sundre, AB, Canada)
  • 24th: 6 Day World Championships AR (NFLD, Canada)

  • 3rd: Storm the North Shore AR (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • 4th: Mind Over Mountain AR (solo F) (Duncan, BC, Canada)
  • 5th: Sea to Summit AR 2-day (Whistler, BC, Canada)
  • 6th: Cheakamus Challenge 72 km MTB (Whistler, BC, Canada)
  • 12th: North Shore Enduro MTB (team) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • UR: Southern Traverse 6-day AR (New Zealand) - medical withdrawl
  • UR: USARA Sprint Qualifier (Pickney, MI, USA)
  • UR: Raid the North 36-hour AR (Kimberley, BC, Canada)

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