Aaron Matzke


  Team role: Keep everyone smiling
  Profession: General Contractor
  Currently resides: Los Angeles, CA
  Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
  Year joined DART: 2007

I am into my 9th year doing this crazy sport.  Still love it and being on the team has made my passion for the sport grow even stronger.  It truely has become a lifestyle for me and I continue to grow and learn better ways to go faster and last longer.  Almost everything that I do, eat, wear, and ride, has been hand selected from countless experiences that I have had racing and training.  Even more valuable to me is the relationships and friends that I have gained because of my involvement in this sport.  You really get to know someone when you spend weeks and months training together.   The tight bond you make with your teammates when you race with them is even more special...priceless.   

Favorite Gear

Favorite Drink: Orange Ginger nuun
Favorite shoes: Vasque Blur SL
Favorite bike: Turner Flux
Favorite bike component: FSA K-Force Light crankset, Hayes Stroker trail hydraulic brakes, Ergon grips and Crank Brother’s Eater Beaters Four Ti pedals
Favorite wheels & tires: FSA XC-300 SL and Schwalbe Nobby Nic
Favorite bike suspension: Manitou R7 MRD Absolute 100
Favorite sunglasses: Rudy Project Rydon II
Favorite cycling garment: Ibex Arrivee bib shorts
Favorite foul weather shell: Arc’Teryx Alpha LT Proshell
Favorite socks: Teko EcoMerino Wool MiniCrew
Favorite backpack: Gregory Miwok with Hydrapak bladder, they are so fast to clean and fill. 
Favorite bikelight: Light and Motion Stella 300
Favorite sunscreen: KINeSYS Performance Moisturizer SPF 15
Favorite Kayaking gear: Epic Mid Wing full carbon stiff shaft paddle
Favorite training and racing aid: Suunto T6c wristcomputer

Behind The Scene

Favorite race: Primal Quest Telluride, CA.  My fist expedition race
Best race moment: Finding out your in first when you've thought that you were in the back of the pack
Worst race moment: Having my teammate fall out of the kayak unconcious in Borneo from exhaustion
Favorite food: Ice Cream
Why I race: Its the closest I can get to being a survivalist out in the wilderness
Race advice: Experience is more valuable than just speed.  There is so much more involved than fitness in adventure racing.  Don't ever quit.  I feel like quitting before I even get to the race sometimes from anxiety.  You really don't want to quit though.  The pride and sense of achomplishment you get from finishing is priceless.  Then drive to win starts to become addictive.  The memories, experiences, and relationships that you make with your teammates last a lifetime or as long as you can remember.  If you forget, take pictures.  It'll bring back those memories real fast.
Vice in life: Coffee time
Greatest challenge: E-mailing
What do I do with my free time?: Plan out more things to do.
My team mates think that: They look sexy in spandex.

Race Results

Of the many races, these are some of my most memoriable ones


  • 6th place: World Championship, Ecomotion Pro - Jericoacoara, Brazil
  • 4th place: Primal Quest - expedition race - Big Sky, Montana
  • 1st place: Desert Winds 24 hour race - Lake Mead, Arizona 
  • St.George marathon, PR 
  • 2nd: Olympic Penensula 24 hour race-Washington

  • 12th place: Outdoor Quest -  Borneo, Malaysia
  • 14th place: Subaru Primal Quest - Washington
  • 5th place: Explore Sweden - Sweden
  • Cal-Eco series - Southern Califorinia

  • 4th place: Balance Bar 24 hour - New York, NY
  • 3rd place: Balance Bar 24 hour – Los Angeles, CA
  • 4th place: Ford Challenge- Beaver Creek, CO
  • 2nd place: Cal-Eco series - Southern California
  • 15th place: Primal Quest - Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Outdoor Quest- Borneo, Malaysia

  • 21st place: Inagural Primal Quest - Telluride, CO
  • Cal-Eco series
  • Cal-Eco series
  • 1st place: Pumpkin scramble - Los Angeles, CA

Photo Gallery