Matt Hayes


  Team role: navigator / bike tower
  Profession: Mechanical Engineer - train driver
  Currently resides: Port Orchard, WA
  Hometown: Billings, MT
  Year joined DART: 2007

Matt raced mountain bikes though high school and college and started to pick up more sports (and a garage full of toys) after moving to the northwest. After competing in the 2003 Ridge to River relay, he thought adding navigation and teammates to the mix sounded like great fun and started competing in adventure races in 2004. Matt says the great friends, adventures, trails, races, and training are what make adventure racing so awesome.

Favorite Gear

Favorite Drink: Lemon Lime nuun
Favorite shoes: Vasque Blur SL
Favorite bike: Turner Flux
Favorite bike component: FSA K-Force Light crankset, Hayes Stroker trail hydraulic brakes, Ergon grips and Crank Brother’s Eater Beaters Four Ti pedals
Favorite wheels & tires: FSA XC-300 SL and Schwalbe Nobby Nic
Favorite bike suspension: Manitou R7 MRD Absolute 100
Favorite sunglasses: Rudy Project Ekynox
Favorite cycling garment: Ibex 3/4 cut knickers
Favorite foul weather shell: Arc’Teryx Beta SL jacket
Favorite socks: Teko EcoMerino Wool MiniCrew
Favorite backpack: Gregory Miwok with Hydrapak bladder
Favorite bikelight: Light and Motion Stella 300
Favorite sunscreen: KINeSYS Performance Moisturizer SPF 30
Favorite Kayaking gear: Epic Mid Wing full carbon stiff shaft paddle
Favorite training and racing aid: Suunto T6c wristcomputer

Behind The Scene

Favorite race: Moab Extreme Expedition
Best race moment: Crossing the finish line
Worst race moment: Glenn eats a bean burrito
Favorite food: spaghetti, cookies
Why I race: Challenge, good people, new trails.
Race advice: If you get nervous on the downhill, just close your eyes.
Vice in life: cookies
Greatest challenge: Heat, now that I live in western WA.
What do I do with my free time?: Skiing, hanging with family, time is expensive!

Race Results

  • 4th place: USARA National Championships - Maryland
  • 5th place: Bellingham Traverse – Bellingham, WA
  • 15th Overall/9th in class: World Rogaine Championships – South Dakota
  • 7th place: Untamed New England - Maine
  • 4th place: Smith Rock Spring Sting AR – Bend, OR
  • 19th Overall/10th in class: NW Epic Series Echo Valley 60 Miler – Chelan, Wa
  • 22nd Overall/11th in class: NW Epic Series Stottlemeyer 60 Miler – Port Gamble, WA
  • 2nd place: USARA National Championships 24hr Race - IN
  • 3rd place: Cowboy Tough Expedition Race
  • 1st place: Rock Creek Ramble Rogaine Co-ed 4hr - WA
  • 13 overall/5th in class: NW Epic Series 100 Mile Mountain Bike- WA
  • 1st place: Ultrapedestrial Wilderness Challenge (45mile run) - North Cascades WA
  • 5th overall/1st in class: BEND-AR 12 Hr, Bend, OR
  • 37th overall, 19th in class: NW Epic Series Mountain Bike race- Port Gamble, WA
  • 25th overall, 14th in class: NW Epic Series Mountain Bike race: Echo Valley, WA


  • 3rd place: Gold Rush Mother Lode expedition race - World Championship Qualifier - Sierra Nevada, CA
  • 3rd place: Raid The North Extreme expedition race - World Championship Qualifier- BC, Canada
  • 7th place: APEX expedition race - World Championship Qualifier - Switzerland
  • 2nd place: Dirty Duo - Mountain bike/run duathlon - Vancouver, BC Canada
  • 6th place: Peaks to Prairie - Run/bike/kayak triathalon - Billings, MT
  • 1st place: Checkpoint Tracker National Series (24 Hour Coast to Crest Adventure Race) - San Luis Obispo, California
  • 2nd place: Checkpoint Tracker National 24 Hour Championships - Moab, Utah
  • 1st place: Checkpoint Tracker National Series (Trioba 24 Hour Adventure Race) - Chelan, WA
  • 1st place: Desert Winds Expedition Race - Arizona/Nevada
  • 3rd place: Capital Forest 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race
  • DNF: Endorphin Fix, West Viginia
  • 3rd place: Peaks to Prairie Relay (Solo), Billings, MT
  • 1st place:  Central Coast Adventure Challenge, San Lois Obispo, CA
  • 4th place: Dirty Duo, Vancouver, B.C.
  • 5th place: Stottlemeyer 60 Mountain Bike, Port Gamble, WA

  • 4th place: Ridge to River, Wenatchee, WA
  • 3rd place: Peaks to Prairie Relay (Solo), Billings, MT
  • 1st place:  Michigan Mix 3 Day Expedition, Traverse City, MI
  • 24 Hours of Raplje Mountain Bike, Raplje, MT
  • 8 Hours of Independence, Philomath, OR
  • 27th place: Cascade Cream Puff 100 Mile Mountain Bike, Oakridge,OR
  • 2nd place: Trioba 24 hr - Plain, Washington
  • 1st place: NORCAL 24 hr - Whiskeytown, CA

  • 1st Place Checkpoint Tracker National Adventure Racing Series
  • 1st place Adventure Extreme Moab Expedition
  • 13th place Abu Dhabi Adventure Race - United Arab Emirates
  • US Rogaine Champion (0rienteering)

  • 3rd place USARA National Championship

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